Friday, 22 September 2023

Traite des armes Girard

 From 1740. Thanks to David Ledoyen for finding this. Here

dedicated to the King, by Sr. P. J. F. Girard, Former Officer of the Navy: Teaching the manner of fighting with the small-sword, all the foreign guards, the Sword, the Pikes, the Halberds, Bayonets at the end of the Flintlock Musket, Flail & Batons with two ends: Together to make with good grace the Salutes of Sword, the Exercise of the Flintlock Musket & that of the Grenade, such as they are practiced today in the military Art of France

Thursday, 21 September 2023

Battle of Prestonpans

 Today's anniversary is this short battle in Scotland.

1995 reenactment of Prestonpans which kickstarted eighteenth century reenactment in the U.K. Photo Howard Giles

Sunday, 17 September 2023

The Saxon Army of the Thirty Years War

 I used to have booklet A5 on this subject but I can't find it anywhere now. But there is an interesting book on this subject. In German. See about it here

Castles of Henry VIII Osprey

 This looks good. I shall have to get it. Review here

In the last years of his reign Henry VIII needed a radically modern system of defence to protect England and its new Church. Anticipating a foreign onslaught from Catholic Europe after his split from Rome, Henry energetically began construction of more than 20 stone forts to protect England's major ports and estuaries. Aided by excellent illustrations, Peter Harrington explores the departure from artillery-vulnerable medieval castle designs, to the low, sturdy stone fortresses inspired by European ideas. He explains the scientific care taken to select sites for these castles, and the transition from medieval to modern in this last surge of English castle construction.

Breitenfeld 1631

 This battle in the Thirty Years War occurred today.

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