Thursday, 26 November 2015

Jean Chretien Fischer

Jean Chrétien Fischer (German: Johann Christian Fischer; 17 January 1713 in Stuttgart – 1 July 1762 near Kassel) was a German-born soldier in the French service.

He was a leader of the partisans in the French Army during the War of the Austrian Succession. In 1743, he was authorized by the Marshal de Belle-Isle to raise a company, which was called Fischer's chasseurs, the origin of that branch in the French Army. He distinguished himself in the Seven Years' War; was made brigadier for his bravery at Arloff (1759); added to his fame at the Battle of Clostercamp (1760); resigned his command to the Marquis de Conflans (1761), but still fought in his old troop with the rank of a lieutenant-colonel.
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French language song from the period


Fürst Wilhelm Heinrich von Nassau-Saarbrücken 1745 als "Maréchal de camp" und Inhaber des französischen Regiments "Nassau-Saarbrück-Cavalerie"

Michel Petard reconstruction from here

My first ECW event

30 years ago in 1985 I got into reenactment. ECW roundhead - well actually I was initially lured into it by seeing a display in a shop window of Monmouth gear and my first event was a 1685 march but this was my first ECW event at Basing House. I am on the extreme right of the top picture and wearing the helmet on the bottom one. I was 25 when I joined so not a teenager - I was old enough to know better but we had a toddler then and I thought it would be good from the family and it was. The people in the bottom pic are the late Gordon Usher (and his son Nick) who ran the Frome garrison of Devereux's regiment.

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Villingen Siege 1704 - Johann Anton Schilling

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Also see here for description (German) here for English language history

Battle of Parma - 29 June l734

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The Battle of San Pietro, also known as the Battle of Crocetta or the Battle of Parma was a battle fought on June 29, 1734, between troops of France and Sardinia on one side, and Habsburg Austrian troops on the other, as part of the War of Polish Succession, between the village of La Crocetta and the city of Parma, then in the Duchy of Parma. Austrian troops assaulted an entrenched Franco-Sardinian position, and were ultimately repulsed, due in part to the death of their commander, Florimund Mercy, and the wounding of his second in command, Frederick of Württemberg. Both sides suffered significant casualties in the battle, which lasted for most of the day.
 MARTIN Pierre Denis, MARTIN le Jeune (dit)
Details on the battle here

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

The Charge of the 15th Light Dragoons at Emsdorf by David Rowlands

An interesting skirmish in the Seven Years War. Image from here  Kronoskaf entry.
French units were Germans in French service like Bentheim and Royal Baviere and the Bercheny Hussars - see below. So a good colourful skirmish.

Drummer, 15th Light Dragoons, ca. 1760, by David Morier. Royal Collection

15th Light Dragoons Cavalry Drummer - from here where there are details

Le régiment des hussards de Bercheny en marche, vers1752-1763