Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Monmouth Cap

The only known surviving example of a 16th-century Monmouth Cap - in Monmouth Museum  
 Presumably you all know about Monmouth caps? Nothing to do with the Duke of Monmouth but undoubtedly worn by Rebels in 1685.Wikipedia to find out more

Monmouth Group

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Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gunnister Man

Monmouth cap?

On the subject of coats for the late 17thc civilian my first port of call would be the Gunnister man.
Have a look at this Pinterest page.
A pattern based on this find is here

Taunton Garrison at the Bishop's Palace in Wells 22nd - 23rd July

Here for info

What Taunton women wore

Celia Fiennes travelled the country in the late 17thc writing a diary called
. This entry from Taunton is interesting in describing what Taunton women wore
You meete all sorts of Country women wrapp'd up in the mantles Called West Country rockets, a Large mantle doubled together of a sort of serge, some are Linsywolsey and a deep fringe or ffag at the Lower End, these hang down some to their feete some only just below ye wast, in the summer they are all in white garments of this sort, in the winter they are in Red ones. I Call them garments because they never go out wth out them and this is the universal ffashion in Sommerset and Devonshire and Cornwall.

Saturday, 15 July 2017

New project

Abraham Holmes' biography. Started a Facebook group to start the process of recreating this in living history. Probably won't take the field until 2018. Here