Monday, 16 July 2018

Strawhead - 'Monmouth's Come to Norton Town'.

In 1985 folk group Strawhead released an album of songs inspired by the Monmouth Rebellion. Not my cup of tea as my brother bought me the LP pne Christmas but I know some of you have fond memories of these tunes and its great that they have uploaded onto YouTube. Find the others by searching Strawhead Monmouth. 

Carlo Fantom's entry in John Aubrey's Brief Lives (1680-93)

Brief Lives wiki
CAPTAIN CARLO FANTOM, a Croatian, spake 13 languages; was a Captain under the Earle of Essex. He was very quarrelsome and a great Ravisher. He left the Parliament Party, and went to the King Ch. the first at Oxford, where he was hanged for Ravishing.
Sd. he, I care not for your Cause: I come to fight for your halfe-crowne, and your handsome woemen: my father was a R. Catholiq; and so was my grandfather. I have fought for the Christians against the Turkes; and for the Turkes against the Christians.
Sir Robert Pye was his Colonel, who shot at him for not returning a horse that he tooke away before the Regiment. This was donne in a field near Bedford, where the Army then was, as they were marching to the relief of Gainsborough. Many are yet living that sawe it. Capt. Hamden was by: The bullets went through his Buff-coat, and Capt. H. sawe his shirt on fire. Capt. Carl. Fantom tooke the Bullets, and sayd he, Sir Rob. Here, take your bullets again. None of the Soldiers would dare to fight with him: they sayd, they would not fight with the Devil.
Edmund Wyld, Esq., was very well acquainted with him, and gave him many a Treat, and at last he prevailed with him so far, towards the knowledge of this secret, that Fantom told him, that the Keepers in their Forests did know a certain herb, which they gave to Children, which made them to be shott- free (they call them Hard-men.)
In a Booke of Trialls by Duell in foli (writ by Segar, I thinke) before the Combatants fight, they have an Oath administered to them by the Herald; where is inserted (among other things) that they have not about them either Charme or Herb.
Martin Luther in his Commentaries on the First (or second Commandment, I thinke the First) saies that a Hard-man was brought to the Duke of Saxonies Court: he was brought into the great Hall and was commanded to be short with a Musquet: the bullet drop't downe and he had only a blew Spott on his Skin, where he was struck. Martin Luther was then by, and sawe the Bullet drop-downe.

Sunday, 15 July 2018

Vellinghausen 1761

Ammiversary of this SYW battle today. Here's a diorama. 

Dancing plague of 1518

500 years ago today, in the city of Strasbourg, a woman named Frau Troffea woke to begin the second day of her manic and mysterious dance. Soon she would be joined by hundreds of others, compelled to dance for seemingly no reason at all, some so monomaniacally that only death would have the power to intervene..
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Thursday, 12 July 2018


Released today on the anniversary of the Battle. By Michael McNally. New title from Helion

Carlo Fantom - a famous Croat in the English Civil War

Carlo Fantom (died December 1643) was a Croat mercenary in the English Civil War who had the reputation of being impervious to bullets and is quoted as saying "I care not for your Cause; I come to fight for your halfe-crown and your handsome women. My father was a Roman Catholique, and so was my grandfather. I have fought for the Christians against the Turkes, and for the Turkes against the Christians." Initially serving in Arthur Goodwin's regiment of horse, where he was valued by the Earl of Essex for training cavalrymen how to fight on horseback, in 1643 he changed sides to fight for the King. He was reportedly hanged at Bedford for raping a woman, while the army was marching to relieve Gainsborough.[1] Wiki
If you think this would make great fiction it's been done by Charles Underhill. Not sure what they're like. Maybe you know?

Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Bristol and the Civil War John Lynch

 Got this today.  Looks really good. Has pictures by Alan Turton. Kindle edition is less than three quid