Tuesday, 9 August 2022

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Andy English Civil War drummer by Anne Rachel

 My sister took this pic at Chippenham a few weeks ago.  She did not know that I know him as I was laid up with an abcess at the time. Andy has been Civil war reenacting since the mid 70s.

He is also the model for this book cover which has just come out from Helion.

Monday, 8 August 2022

Kelloggs Soldiers of the World

 Do you remember these? From 1971 I believe. There was a Turk, Highlander, Zulu and many more and they were given away with cereal. About 45mm so no use for wargames. I found these images on the web I don't have them any more but I remember having them. See more here

British grenadier


Sunday, 7 August 2022

Thursday, 4 August 2022

Micah Clarke A Conan Doyle audio version

 Ignore the anachronistic picture this is a quality radio version of the famous tale of the Monmouth Rebellion. Something to listen to as you paint. Thanks to Bob on the Monmouth Rebellion Facebook page. 

Edgehill 380th


The Sealed Knot and SMG Philip Skippons Regiment of Foote invite you to the 380th Anniversary of the battle that started it all, Edgehill.
From 10.30am till 4pm
Enter our authentic 17th Century encampment on the ridge of Edgehill. Meet the soldiers and civilians living through this tumultuous period of history!
Discover what it might have been like in the army camp before battle. From the food being served to the drill of musket, pike and drum commands.
Follow the soldiers into battle as royalist and parliament meet on these Warwickshire field, prepared for war, with uncertainty.
Take a wander around traders selling artefacts, food and refreshing beverages.
Pre-book your tickets from
£15 per family * 2 adults & 3 children * parking included
£5 per adult
£3 children under 16 and OAP's
Children under 5 enter FREE
£2 Parking * charge applies, unless pre-booked via Eventbrite
If you'd like to take part please visit