Sunday, 28 September 2008

Flying the flag for the period

Had a nice mention of this blog here on this forum... the chap says he doesn't know who I am so maybe I ought to explain... I am an ex-reenactor - I started off in 1985 doing the tercentenary of the Monmouth Rebellion as I live in the West Country. Decided to try and keep the period alive when the tercentenary passed by forming the 1685 Society in the late 90s - this sparked off quite a bit of interest in the late 17thc spawning many other groups. Got approached around 2000 by the late David Chandler about a Blenheim tercentenary so I formed the Blenheim forum which brought together all the reenactors of the period worldwide. I have retired from reenactment though I do like to keep up with all the news. Here's me at one of the last events I attended at Blenheim palace in 2004.

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