Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Ebob armatures

Website here. Not only am I a frustrated illustrator I am also a bit of a sculptor - nothing brilliant but OK - so when I heard about these armatures - dollys for building up detail on - in 28mm I thought maybe I should start sculpting again. Looking around the web Ebob have started a bit of a d-i-y revolution with their royalty free horses and so forth. If you want to see what a casting looks like after someone has worked on it then check out this Making Miniatures Blog where this photo is from.
Now the question is... what should I try? To my mind the area of history not that well covered by figure makers is the 1670s... the Dutch Wars or Franco-Dutch wars. Most ranges are for the 1690s - sort of Boyne/Grand Alliance; less well covered is the era after the ECW and before Sedgemoor. The Restoration in the UK I suppose it is known as. It means sculpting bandoliers, but in other aspects its not that difficult. Of course I may not get round to it...

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