Friday, 16 October 2009

1/32 SYW French

I am a bit of a 1/32 fan - probably as I cut my teeth on Britains and Herald and I still believe in the idea of garden and patio wargames - at least in theory anyway. But that's my excuse for letting you know about these French regulars, from Armies in Plastic - part of their new F&I range, but these are suitable for a European battlefield and obviously are ripe for conversion. It has to be said here that in this medium this period is rare - the American Revolution is popular.
Buying one of their multiple box purchases will give you some numbers of these to make units.
So who would you put them up against? First thought is the Prince August SYW Prussians. Available in the UK from Steve Weston.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Does anyone make 1/32 ECW figures?

-- Jeff

Ralphus said...

Yes Call Arms do Horse Foot and a Gun...there was some excellent conversions to Monmouths 1685 era Redcoats on the Helmet Toy Soldiers blog

Andrew said...

I almost bought these last moth. When I called the store was closed for 3 days. So, I ended up spending my birthday cash on something else! I do still plan on getting a box of Rangers.

Corporal_Trim said...

Not overly fond of these. The hats in particular aren't good, more Prussian in appearance.

For opponents, Barzso's British infanty could be used. His French are nice too. This 32-pounder gun is terrific.

Corporal_Trim said...

And now that I scrutinize AIP's website more closely, they ARE Prussians ! And Russians, and Austrians and French and who knows, all depending upon the color of plastic.


Sir William the Aged said...

Actually Steve, they are very close to being correct French, but in the post-1779 uniform usually depicted for Rochambeau's forces at Yorktown. The gaiters are knee-high only, the coat tails are still long and with turnbacks, and the hat has taken on the distinctive transitional shape between the earlier tricorne and the later bicorne of the Republican era. I think they would work, possibly with some minor conversion, for late AWI, the revolution in Haiti, and of course the revolutionary period against the French mobs. With some shortening of coattails and some green stuff overalls, they could even work for Bonaparte's Italian campaign.