Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Another Bila Hora 2009 film

Thought we might as well revisit this reenactment in the Czech republic. Maybe some of you might go down there next summer. I like this film - it puts you into the action with the pikemen on the left flank - you can almost smell the powder and experience the occasional bump on the head as someone's pike droops.


Raia said...

Heh, it is me and my piqueniers at 4:18 :)

I would like to write some comments to this video. We (reenactors) have done many mistakes, which we could like to adjust up to next season.

You can see standing about womens, runnig about Fendrych (with flag). Many hand-to-hand combats and so on.
All this things we wants to abandon, because they are inadequate for reenactment.

I believe, that it will success us next year.

PS: sorry for my poor English, I hope you understand what I want to say

Ralphus said...

well it will never be perfect but its always good to be self critical - sometimes with big events compromise is not so bad.