Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Winter warfare Great Northern War style

Photograph of the month without doubt. It is from a recent public event commemorating the raid on the Swedish town of Sortavala in 1705 (on the northern bank of Lake Ladoga) when a Russian army of 2000 men under command of P. M. Apraksin started out from Olonets. More here including a write up.
Our stalwart Russian reenactors are living up to their ancestor's hardy reputation by getting into historical skiing too - not for them the comfort of hearth and home - check out the images to see how they got on.
They of course are the Peter the Great reenactors - website here.


hamlet said...

awesome!!! when was this, how did i miss it? i had no idea this happened in my hometown, would've come to see it!

Ralphus said...

It must be recent - such a shame you missed it...maybe there was something in the local paper?

hamlet said...

yeah the livejournal link quotes a few sources, i'll get to them once i'm done with work :)))

tradgardmastare said...