Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Hard Plastic Marlburians

These 28mm WSS generic figures are now available from Wargames Factory. Fill yer boots!


Corporal_Trim said...

They look good. A little chunky in the legs maybe, but better proportioned than I expected based on the preliminary computer renderings.


Sir William the Aged said...


I have been provided with a box-worth of these for painting and review. I will take the review from raw sprue to build options to completion as three to four different nations/eras. Unfortunately, I'm the World's slowest painter, but they are coming.

And Steve - They really are quite good "in the flesh", a lot of build possibilities here.


Roger said...

Figures look OK, I would like to see pictures of the sprues though.

As for the painting styles of the examples, I am no fan. I never paint the eyes on!

Sir William the Aged said...


Look for the first part of the review probably by Monday. I took a full un-assembled sprue, spray primed it white and applied a light wash to highlight the detail. Then I carefully clipped parts, and using rubber cement, am assembling some of the variations for pic's. I hope to have all the pic's taken and cropped by Sunday and will post as soon as I do the write-up.

The eyes have become a "personal thing", some seem to really like them and some really don't. It seems like I see them on more and more blogs and painter's sites now, but almost always accompanied by negative comments as well.