Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Clibinarium Has Been Busy!

Long time between posts; if only Life would stop interfering!

Our good friend "Clibinarium" has been busy plying his trade as a sculptor of late. Just announced on the Pendraken Forum are the 1st masters for their new 10mm pre-18th century range. While it will fall under the heading of League of Augsberg, it will also include several figures that will work for the earlier Franco-Dutch Wars as well (which these masters depict). This will be similar to the very inclusive and varied AWI range that Clibinarium did for Pendraken.
Pendraken Command Group - 10mm

Pendraken Assorted Musketeers - 10mm

Pendraken Assorted Pikemen - 10mm

And, in case you might have missed it, Clibinarium also did the recently released 28mm range for Barry Hilton's League of Augsberg, details of which can be found on Barry's site here, and very well-painted samples here.

All-in-all, a very good time for enthusiasts of the late 17th century and the wars of Louis Quatorze! Clibinarium is a die-hard fan of this period, does extensive research, and sculpts a pretty good figure (major understatement). So, in case you were considering getting your feet wet in this period, it might be time to start building, or raiding, that War Chest now.



Ralphus said...

well done Bill - they look great figures

Ralphus said...

well done too of course to Clibinarium - so that's the secret prject you alluded to a couple of times!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

They are lovely!!

Ray Rousell said...

They look great, shame they're not in 15mm.

Dur Ecu said...

Looking good! Very tempting...must resist (having already 15s and 18s...not to mention Higgins' 20s and Ed Suren's 30s, plus Pat Condray's thingies, flats, etc.).

legatus hedlius said...

10mm! Amazing! Lovely figures

Anonymous said...


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Shaun McTague said...

The tens look good.... Any sign of your conversion work of warlord ecw cavalry for WSS :)

Also any news of what will be happening regarding a plastic set to go with the infantry from WF... Or is that still a can of worms?

Great site


Sir William the Aged said...


I have had to put the plastics on hold for the moment; to help a friend out and satisfy some financial needs I took on a deadline-intensive painting contract that has both myself and my Son completely tied up at least through June 1st.

The whole WF situation is indeed still very much a can of worms. I ended up being drawn into the design process by old management only to have new management reject my contract terms and try and make me jump through hoops to receive my compensation. They also have not contacted me about any of my design work for future releases, but there are "other" parties who have contacted me and I will begin work again after this painting contract is completed. Stay tuned as they say.