Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Warfare Miniatures and BLB2

Check out this blog for images and so forth of a new (to me) range of 28s for the late 17th century. On the same blog is the new artwork for Beneath the Lily Banners 2nd edition so fill yer boots.


keith said...

BTW not quite on comment but i just discovered this on the web, which has loads of stuff about Kirke's Lambs, military uniforms and civilian clothing, even hairstyles, for the period. Thought you folks might be interested, if you haven't seen it already.

found it on this page about folksongs of the era.
So if you are losing a wargame of the period you can sing your opponent into submission in historical fashion.

Sir William the Aged said...


The "Warfare Miniatures" offered by Barry Hilton are the "mystery" 28mm range that our mutual friend and follower Clibinarium has been working on. And yes, as usual Clib did an excellent job.


Excellent sites Sir! Thanks for pointing them out to us.