Tuesday, 3 July 2012

By Fire and Sword

I am just trying to find out more on this game system set in the Deluge period of Polish history 'a realistic, playable and dynamic wargame which recreates the 17th century wars fought by the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth against Turkey, Muscovy, Sweden, Crimean Khanate and Cossacks.'. Looks intriguing - if you're a fan of Cossacks and Winged Hussars and so on this could be for you - website here.  Northstar are selling figures in 15mm Blog review here and here
Intro here -  Facebook page here

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Kadrinazi said...

If You need more info about English version (that, we hope, will be publish this year) write to our English-info mailbox:
I will be more than happy to answer to all queries.

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Michał 'Kadrinazi' Paradowski