Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Haselrig's Lobsters

The last fully armoured cavalry on British soil?

One of the great early ECW regiments is Haslerigg's Lobsters who anachronistically attired in full cuirrasier armour made quite an impression on the lighter armed Royalist Horse. They were credited with being "the first that made any impression upon the King's horse [the Royalist cavalry], who being unarmed [unarmoured], were not able to bear the shock with them; besides they were secure from hurts of the sword..."[Clarendon, "History of the Rebellion," 1647, VII p. 105][3] London Lobsters wiki
 Sir Arthur Haselrigg (pictured) survived three point-blank pistol shots and several sword thrusts at the battle of Roundway Down , causing Charles I to joke in a rare moment of humour::

"[had he] been victualled as well as fortified he might have endured a siege."

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