Tuesday, 18 December 2012

John Manners Marquess of Granby

Someone not really that famous now but who was a popular national figure in the Seven Years War was this man the Marquess of Granby.There are still a great number of Public Houses named after him around Britain. He famously charged at Warburg without his hat and wig (which blew off) coining the phrase to 'go at something bald headed'.

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Dave said...

He also led his troops to victory at the Battle of Villinghausen in July 1761. His opponent, the duc de Broglie, was so impressed that he commissioned a portrait of Granby by Sir Joshua Reynolds. He became overall commander after replacing George Sackville and later Lt. Gen of the Ordnance.
Due to the wig fiasco the Blues and Royals are permitted to salute without headdress. A competent leader and well like by his men rare on both accounts.