Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Gmundener Prachtwerk

 I have been interested for a short while on the SYW army of Hanover (Hannover) who fought as allies of the Prussians alongside the British and Hessians. I am not sure if anyone does figures for them. Anyway the  "Gmundener Prachtwerk" is the best place to start an interest in the Hanoverians alongside Reid/Embleton's Osprey Frederick the Great's Allies. Wiki
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Bluebear Jeff said...

There is a very nice line of Hanoverians from RSM95:


They are tallish 25mm figures (similar to the Minden 1/56th sculpts).

-- Jeff

Ralphus said...

thanks Jeff

Ralphus said...

thanks Jeff

Der Alte Fritz said...

Minden Miniatures makes a nice range of 1/56 (~30mm) of Hanoverians, Prussians, British and French ( and Austrians too).

Grenzer John said...

Freikorps 15's does a few Hanoverian figures, but not many.