Friday, 13 December 2013

Anyone know anything about this image?

Image from here 

Found by Boris.


Emilio said...

Strange... the web says Regiment Hollandse Gardes, but it looks like a swedish to me. At least the colours are blue and yellow!!

Anonymous said...

The text is in German:
"Atlas of the artillery material 1697(?)-1702 at Delft - Some of the machines as they were used for the firing on the redoubts - No 3", "Holandische (Dutch) Garden ca 1700"

Anonymous said...

Ist used like a pavise
Look here:


Anonymous said...

This is not about a "siege of Delft" (there was none at this time) but the book was printed in Delft. It shows a demonstration of the Dutch Guard how the slides of the artillery train were used at a siege as shields for an assault on the redoubts. Note that the colors of the uniform are slightly wrong as the yellow of the cuffs and gaitors was bright orange instead. Hence the misinterpretation as "Swedish" ;)

Anonymous said...

The Duch Blue Guard: