Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Cavalier Capital: Oxford in the English Civil War 1642 - 1646

Forthcoming book from John Barrett
'"Cavalier Capital", the first detailed account of Oxford’s role as "Royalist capital" to appear for almost three-quarters of a century, examines all aspects of Oxford’s experience in the English Civil War. As well as the effects on the town and university, special emphasis is placed on the various aspects of the Royalist occupation, including its role as a major manufacturing centre of munitions and armoury. The King’s court and the operation of Royalist government and administration are examined, as are the organisation and life of the soldiers of the garrison. Leading personalities are described, as well as the military campaigns which were focused on Oxford during the war. The final siege leading to the fall of Oxford is also described. The book makes full use of both contemporary and modern accounts, and research, and is copiously illustrated with contemporary and modern illustrations.'

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legatus hedlius said...

Thanks for pointing this one out. I will have to pick this one up as I went to university there.