Thursday, 16 July 2015

Royal Deux-Ponts

From the Wiki
The Régiment Royal Deux-Ponts, (Zweibrücken/Two Bridges) was a German-French infantry regiment created under the Ancien Regime in 1757. The regiment was raised on 1 April 1757 by the duc de Deux-Ponts (Herzogtum Zweibrücken) in his estates as well as in Alsatian bailiwicks. This family owned the Petite-Pierre county, the bailiwicks of Bischwiller, Guttemberg, Seltz and Hagenbach. Outside France, it also owned the bailiwicks of Neucastel, Barbelroth, Cleeburg and Weylenbourg in Alsace.
The regiment initially counted 2 battalions but was soon increased to 3 battalions. In February 1758, the regiment was increased to 4 battalions. On January 18, 1760, when the German Infantry was reorganised, the regiment was reduced to its original strength.
It was commanded by Baron de Clozen in 1758 and from February 20, 1761 to February 21, 1765 by Baron de Scheidt .
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