Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Regiment d´Infanterie Royal Ecossois

I have a FB group for this short-lived French regiment. Kronoskaf entry here
I am interested in finding out more about their SYW career. Anybody know?


Big Andy said...

I do know that there used to be a Re-enactment group for this unit in France- my Friend -sculptor and author David Wilson was- and possibly is a memeber. Though I suspect the group is now defunct.
Did the unit exist in the SYW? Its even more shortlived sister regt Albany was I think disbaned in the 1750s.
I also have some card cut out soldiers of this unit
A set of 7 caed sheets showing the regiment as well as Artillery and a few civilians. and Officers- foot figure about 90mm high.
I seem to have ended up with about half a dozen sets......

Ralphus said...

the group are still going strong - they were like Ogilvy's active in the SYW

Scheck said...

Great! This is exactly the regiment on my todo-list as next French unit! Thank you very much. Do you believe the black gaiters really? I thought, they were white in any case?!

Big Andy said...

According to David- I asked him the regiment was disbanded in 1762 and the survivors moved to regt Clare.
No major actions in the SYW - garrison and outpost work only

Ralphus said...

black gaiters are common on images from 1760 onwards