Monday, 22 February 2016

30th – 31st July – Bradford on Avon, ECWS Major Muster

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On Saturday July 30th and Sunday July 31st, Bradford on Avon will play host to the English Civil War Society as it re-enacts the occupation of the town by a Royalist Army in 1643. On July 2nd, Royalist Cavalry from Sir Ralph Hopton’s Army seized the vital bridge across the river Avon and occupied the town. On the following day, as Hopton’s Army marched north towards Bath it was ambushed by Roundhead forces led by Sir William Waller. The ambush failed and the Roundheads were driven off, allowing Hopton’s army to fight further battles at Lansdown Hill and Roundway Down before joining Prince Rupert and storming Bristol, the second city in the Kingdom. Most of the West Country became Royalist territory following Hopton’s campaign.
At this Free event, Spectators will be able to see the famous Bradford on Avon Bridge seized by Royalist Cavalry as they drive off Roundhead sentries. Visitors will be able to see a large Living History village around the Great Tithe Barn populated by Townsfolk, Traders, and Craftsmen of the time. There will be displays of drill by Regiments of Foote and by Artillery through the day. And there will be a Major Battle each afternoon as Sir William Waller launches an ambush to defeat his great rival. You will see hundreds of Cavalry, Artillery, Musketeers, and Pikemen fighting on Poulton Fields in a dramatic climax to the day.

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Springinsfeld said...

Thanks for the info...I'll try and make it to this event. The Chippenham battles in past years have been excellent.