Sunday, 3 April 2016

English Civil War conference

1. Prof. Malcolm Wanklyn - ‘The New Model Army and Politics 1659-60’
2. Serena Jones- ‘A ‘Professional Officer’? Colonel George Lisle and professional reputations in the English Civil Wars, 1642-48’
3. Andrew Robertshaw - ‘Cavaliers on the field of Mars: The Honourable Artillery Company and Trained Bands as the training ground for the officers of the ‘London Regiment’ in the Royalist Army 1643-46’
4. Peter Leadbetter- ‘Organising the Perfect Militia. The Leicestershire Trained Bands prior to the Civil Wars’
5. Stephen Ede Borrett- ‘The Rank and File of the British Army 1667 to 1699 from the Deserters’ Notices in the London Gazette’
6. Dr Jonathan Worton - ‘The Advantage Of Cooperation And Conjunction Of Forces: The Battle Of Montgomery And High Command During The First English Civil War’
7. Simon Marsh - ‘A Case of Drakes - James Wemyss and Artillery Innovation in the Civil War’
8. John Barrett- ‘A Rabble of Gentility? The Northern Horse, 1644-45’
ticket price is £25 for a full day of papers, free lunch and unlimited drinks, and a free gudied tour of civil war Shrewsbury at the end of the conference
type 'Cromwell' to receive a £5 discount on ticket price
To order your tickets, please go to to, email Charles Singleton (, contact us in writing or by telephone

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