Wednesday, 16 November 2016

1704 book coming!

But this GNW book is all in Russian! Fear not an English version is in the pipline. It's a well illustrated in depth study of the campaign of Narva.
Rematch of Peter the great. Battle of Narva and Ivangoroda Russians troops in 1704 year.
Author: B. Megorsky
Year of publication: 2016
The Series "the battlefields of the great northern war".
In the book, investigated the outstanding siege operation forces of Peter the great - the battle of narva fortresses and ivangorod in 1704 year. Timeline of events is accompanied by an explanation of lesser-known aspects of the military the beginning of the eighteenth century, the story of the participants alls narvskoy epic, as well as the simultaneous events in other parts of Europe. Book Illustrated by pouring rare original prints and cards.другие-эпохи/реванш-петра-великого/

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