Sunday, 22 January 2017

10mm English Civil War

I have always had a desire to recreate the look of the pictures from the Anglia Rediviva picture of Naseby
Description of the Armies of Horse and Foot of His Majesties, and Sir Thomas Fairefax, his Excellency, as they were drawn into battayle at Nasbye; the Fowerteenth day of June 1645
 Mavbe 10mm is the way to go. Images from Pendraken

Anyone know of any blogs dedicated to 10mm ECW?


Grenzer John said...

I actually have a "Warmaster" variant for ECW/30YW that works pretty well... with in the Warmaster mechanics. It's a good one that I use with Pendrakon and Old Glory 10mm figs.

Jonathan Freitag said...

Although I went with 30mm for my ECW project, 10mm would be a perfect solution to provide the grand scope you are seeking. If I did not already have a large collection in 30mm, 10mm would be a very tempting choice.