Friday, 5 May 2017

English Civil War Dragoon

There are some great things happening in the world of the English Civil War and one impressive group is Aston's Dragoons (Royalist)
 Sir Thomas Aston's Dragoons and webpage here
 They say  
Study of an Aston's Dragoon ( in Marching order) c1644.Part One:
Aston's is about experiential living history, so we played around with differing items of tack and equipment, as we develop our "campaign" impression for the troop based period images, references, and working "guesswork" as to what was likely to be needed for a dragoon in the field. We are rather pleased with the over results. Everything the individual Dragoon has been attached to his mount, with as you will note, leaving him in a "light fighting order" (apologies for the modern phrase ) with nothing to encumber him.
The Cob mount at 14.3 hands high, is the perfect Dragoon horse. He has both rations of hay and provender as well. The Rear mounted "Leather bag for his Necessaries" is taken from a period illustration and follows the recommended details for as laid down by the Kings orders. The Sling to his firelock is based on a number of illustrated hunting scenes and has proved a success every time we are mounted. Overall, we think this is a reasonable impression and we are, to say the least, happy with the results.

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