Saturday, 23 September 2017

Some captures from the Pretenders (1972) DVD

Colonel Kirke - do not hiss the villain

The Duke of Monmouth

Kirke's Lambs
Got my copy of this and thought I'd share a few grabs from the credit sequence. I got my copy here post free - it's the cheapest I've seen it. I was 12 in 72 and I really enjoyed this had the novelization which was the 70s equivalent of owning the video.
Monmouth Rebels
I don't usually get excited by DVDs but this series from 1972 has bewitched me as a sort of missing piece of my childhood's jigsaw - why I have always been obsessed with the Monmouth Rebellion.
Rebels on the march


Duc de Gobin said...

Looks like an excellent show. There is a good book out by John Childs which looks at Kirke. Quite rightly, he doesn't come out of it well, but some of the research is excellent, and there is great commentary on Sedgemoor.

Jiminho said...

There are a couple of Kirke brothers who played significant roles in early colonial history over here in Québec. Utter filthy b-tards so far as I can see, one can only wonder if it was a family business!

I've loved dropping in to your blog for years BTW. A really nice place.