Friday, 2 February 2018

Hey for Old Robin!: The Campaigns And Armies Of The Earl Of Essex During The First Civil War, 1642-44 (Century of the Soldier)

English Civil War study has come a long way from when I first became interested in the 1970s. Part of this must be fuelled by the thriving English Civil War reenactment scene providing an interest and demand for the minutae of information. The authors of this book about the army and campaigns of the Earl of Essex Chris Scott and Alan Turton certainly cut their historical teeth in the early days of ECW reenactment and have become respected  historians in later life. Both historians are ideally qualified for the job - but what's the book like?
  Words like sumptuous and exhaustive come to mind. Sections on the clothing, campaigns, general history, weaponry - no stone is left unturned in presenting a comprehensive analysis of the Roundheads of the early Civil War. Pleasing maps and colour plates pepper the work as well as useful photos of the sites involved in the conflict.
  Of particular interest to me is the disastrous Lostwithiel campaign in the West which saw the army surrendering and being disarmed and plundered by the local population.
 Of course there is a chapter on the early life of Robert Devereux which then is followed by the Edgehill campaign. All the campaigns of the early Civil War are covered in great detail alongside the other luminaries of Essex's army.
  In short if you have an interest of the Earl of Essex's army whether for local history, wargames or general interest this is the book to suit. 

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