Sunday, 18 March 2018

Great Northern War Russian army book

I run a Facebook group on the late 17thc early 18thc called War of the Grand Alliance anyway this book is greatly anticipated by both wargamers and reenactors. I know I am looking forward to it. I understand there is a Swedish volume in the pipeline too.
A montage of art work by Nickolay Zubkov m the soon to be published book 


clibinarium said...

Really looking forward to this book, especially with illustrations from that artist. However I had thought Steve Noon was to be the illustrator, and its his work on the cover?

Big Andy said...

I have an ealier volumes in the series concerning Tzar Peters war with the Turks- like the rest of the century of the soldier series it is excellent. Helion are to be commeded on continuing an excellent series.

Boris Megorsky said...

Steve Noon created the front cover.
Nikolay Zubkov did five plates, three figures on each.

clibinarium said...

That's great, I like Noon, but Zubkov's style really appeals to me. Can't wait to get the book.

Boris Megorsky said...

Steve is great for massive battle scenes but the XVIII century is not h i s period.
On the contrary, Nikolay is the expert in the XVIII c. uniforms but he mainly works with individual figures.