Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Dixon Grand Alliance 25mm

On the 17th century wargames Facebook page we were enthusing about these vintage but still good figures for the Monmouth Rebellion and the 1690s. They were produced about 1988 sculpted by Mark Copplestone and were quite a revelation for us late 17thc fans. Here's a blog review from I live with cats and one of painted Sedgemoor troops from Ray on his Don't throw a One blog
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Robbie Rodiss said...

Well I never realised Mark Copplestone sculpted that range. They still are a wonderful set of figures. I used to have them in both 28mm and 15mm. Strangely I liked the 15's better they were a joy to paint.

Prince Lupus said...

They one of the best ranges of figures I've painted, great faces and just enough animation.