Friday, 13 September 2019

Catherine the Great (2019) trailer 2

I don't really watch TV but I might give this a go. Not everybody is loving it though - Russians don't seem to like it but we will see.


Anonymous said...

"Russians don't seem to like it "

Why? (I'll check on that)

As mentioned before: I DEFINITELY will buy it. Helen Mirren is not just a great actress, she's also got the "right" genes ....;-D

Just for those who like contemporary music related to Catherine the Great - this is a must!:

Hofkriegsrat said...

К сожалению, этот фильм показывает чисто европейский взгляд на правление Екатерины II, то есть искревлённый сценаристами, режиссёром, обывательскими взглядами на Россию из далека. Таким образом, это красивая картинка на какую то историю не имеющая отношение к России.

Hofkriegsrat said...

Unfortunately, this film shows a purely European view of the reign of Catherine II, that is, warped by screenwriters, director, philistine views on Russia from far away. Thus, this is a beautiful picture of a story that is not related to Russia.

Ralphus said...

They reckon the costumes aren't very good.

Anonymous said...


Hey, Hofkriegsrat, I don't challenge your opinion on this as long as I haven't seen the movie myself ...

In the meantime, I challenge you to prove that the orange stripe for Napoleonic era Russian NCOs is correct ... you know what I mean ...Physician, heal thyself, before criticizing others ... Thank you.

nundanket said...

SOP for commenting on any Western media representations of Russia.

nundanket said...

When was this released? Oh wait, it's not released until 3 October. The producers must have invited random people with Austrian-themed blogs to review the whole thing before the public get to see it.

Anonymous said...

I watched the movie in the meantime. @Hofkriegsrat was wrong ;-)

Actually, the movie is worse than he described it - not even "a beautiful picture".

This is one of the shallowest, crappiest pseudo-historical concoctions I have ever seen. Cheaply made and not only unhistorical but inacceptable as a fictional story as well.

Shame on Mirren, too. As far as I am concerned, by participating in this bullshit she definitely ruined her reputation as a serious actress.


Take my advice! If it's not yet too late, don't waste your money on this crap (I did, unfortunately ...).