Sunday, 10 January 2021

Neville Brownlee's Seven Years War 1/32 (54mm)

These are really great in my opinion. My kind of scale.

Neville says 'First outing, a la lockdown solo game, for some 54mm SYW figures. A Prussian force tries to take a walled enclosure from a force of Saxons backed by Austrian Cavalry'.

As far as who made the figures Neville has this to say

 there is a mixture. Most of the Prussian's are Hat. I think these are very nice figs, and pretty good value too. Command, Musketeer, Fusileer, and Grenadier are available. The Saxons are some Armies in Plastic AWI pretending. These are not so good and paint doesn't adhere so well (the'll do though). There are some Armies in Plastic AWI Cav as well but these are a bit hidden. Most mounted are Del Prado and again we are pretending a bit, many being a bit earlier or latter than SYW. A man in a Tricorn on a horse is tricky to find! Some minor conversion on generals. Hat has been promising some SYW Austrians since shortly after the war ended.'

Let's hope Hat doesn't take too long for the Austrians/.


tradgardmastare said...

Great to see 54mm figures here and such splendid ones at that!

Phil said...

Most beautiful figures!

Dave Lycett said...

A great display of figures and good painting.
An inspiration to those of us who are starting to collect and paint this period in this scale

James Fisher said...

Units of 54 mm figures look so good don't they?
Thanks for posting his photos.
Regard, James

Der Alte Fritz said...

Very eye appealing.