Monday, 17 November 2008

Coureurs de Bois of New France

An attractive reenactment persona for New France in the late 17th century/early 18thc is a Coureurs de Bois. These 'woods runners' were fascinating - the below quote from an excellent article on them gives you an idea of what these capot-wearing fur traders were like.
“Since little time is required to carry out this trade the life of the coureurs de bois is spent in idleness and dissolute living. They sleep, smoke, drink brandy whatever it costs, gamble, and debauch the wives and daughters of the natives. They commit a thousand contemptible deeds. Gambling drinking, and women often consume all of their capital and the profits of their voyages. They live in complete independence, and account to noone for their actions. They acknowledge no superior, no judge, no law, no police, no subordination.”

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