Saturday, 15 November 2008

Trip to the model shop

I'm a bit of a fan of 1/72 plastics. Probably something to do with my childhood but I still get a kick out of going into my local model shop, in my case Frome Model Centre, perusing the boxes and finding something I was looking for. This time it was the Zvezda Peter the Great infantry - no surprises there - partly inspired by reading some other blogs and wondering if said infantry would do as generic Marlburian/GNW figs and I think they do. The Swedish uniform is less typical of the time in my view whereas the Peter the Great infantry have the basic coat and more or less typical equipment. Ideal for all the minor states caught up in the Great Northern War, and there were quite a few - here's an article from Nick Dorrel's Guide to the GNW that gives you an outline of some of them - also of course the invaluable

I suppose the next thing to do is to buy about another 4-6 boxes of them and start building units.

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