Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Battle of Fraustadt 1706

Today in 1706 this battle was fought. This film from the Armemuseum is well worth watching if you don't speak Swedish - there's some pleasing reconstructions and some self-explanatory graphics. Part 2 here.
These Saxon-Polish redcoats look pretty smart - I don't suppose anyone reenacts troops from this nation in this period?
Anyway it's probably best to read the wiki on the battle then watch the programme.



I'm follow your blog, it's really interesting...the mine is about Charles II of Spain, the main competitor of Luois XIV until 1700 who designed Philip of Anjou, grandson of Luis XIV, as new king os the Spanish Monarchy...i hope you can enjoy with my blog as i do it with the yours.


old john said...
Fraustadt, part two

Swedish re-enactors as Saxons

cheers old john

Christian of Sweden said...

Hi, another GNW-fan here. I have been looking at your blog with great interest - good work! It might be of interest to you to know that I once was a member of a swedish reenactmentgroup called "Smålands Karoliner" and that they are the ones performing in these two Fraustadt-movies. The movies were made for the swedish army museum in Stockholm and yes - I am in the movies too. I am dressed as a saxon soldier. Here is another movie from Youtube wich we participates in

Take care,