Sunday, 7 February 2010

King's Army Whitehall March

If you missed last Sunday's march in London due to you living in Australia or something like that then you can see the event here in all its glory. 'The King and the Cause'. ECWS website
I read that the ECW is very popular at the moment - presumably partly because of the 28mm plastics that are on the market from Warlord Games. I try my hardest not to be negative on this blog but they seem a little expensive to me.


andygamer said...

Should they be marching in step?

andygamer said...

Sorry to go Off Topic, but have you seen this site about the WSS in Spain?

(Not Desperta Ferro! but his link, that is.)

Brennan said...

Or living in the colonies!
Warlord is a tad expensive, but the Perry Miniatures range is nice. Looks like modern scholarship informed the Perry too!

Sir William the Aged said...


I was aware of this, having followed Lluis' blog. Excellent and very promising site! BTW, Google will do a reasonable translation, having a Catalan option.


Sir William the Aged said...


Actually, at least here in the US, the basic plastic figures are not bad value through e-tailers like On Military Matters. And many retailers have run specials on them through the holidays. It's the "specialist" figures that kill you, value-wise. A friend doing an ECW project got batches of these both before and for Christmas and was reasonably pleased with the basic foot and horse for the price, but he also got a Saker and crew which were outrageous when compared to some other offerings out there, like Old Glory. What really set him off was a personality figure of Essex that was $9 US (slightly over £5) for the single figure!

He was also very disappointed that, after seeing similar plastics from Wargames Factory and the Perry's, that the cavalry did not include a single bare-head option. Apparently all of the figures use a two-part head (ala the old Airfix 54's), a lower with face and an upper with helmet or Hat and any exposed hair. Thus, if you want a bare-headed officer waving his hat, or a wounded trooper, you have three options: assemble as directed then carve plastic away to leave what you desire; build up the top of the head with Green Stuff, or; purchase separate heads somewhere else, like Bicorne's "Firing Line" range at 50p per plus post.


Roger said...

Those Warlord Games figures can be had a bit more cheaply on ebay, after a brief look you can get the figures for around £15 rather than the £20 or whatever it is Warlord Games charge on their website. The figures themselves are not bad, my Parliamentarians turned out nicely!