Friday, 31 August 2012

Blog Etiquette and Protocols - Please!

Dear Readers;

I know that I am more pedantic about this than my cohorts here at The Wars of Louis Quatorze (my family says anal). We have, at last count, 216 "known" followers of this blog, and some unknown quantity of casual readers or those who remain "anonymous" to us. We generally impose no "rules" upon our followers or readers, as to try would be a bit silly. But please, in the interest of making new acquaintances and forming new friendships, sign your comments. I realize that Google Blogger allows for "anonymous" comments, in part so that those without user accounts may still comment. But just as a courtesy, as you would in normal face-to-face conversation, please at least sign your comment with some type of name so that we may come to know you.

If you don't wish to sign as "John Q. Public", then at least John, Johnny, Joe, JQ Public, or something. I sign all of my posts (and usually my comments as well) with my given name of Bill, even though my Blogger identity and nom de plume on the internet is Sir William the Aged. I usually withhold my actual last name (although many know it) for professional reasons, as I do computer-based consulting and these folks sometimes run searches as part of their background checks. Another blogger, known primarily as Der Alte Fritz, has usually followed the same practice for much the same reasons; but he will usually answer to "Jim".

So, enough anal ranting. Let's all get to know one another and exchange proper greetings. Hello, my name is Bill, what's yours?



tradgardmastare said...

Good Morning

My name is Alan and also known in cyberspace as tradgardmastare.I am really enjoying the blog and am particularly grateful for the previous link to the excellent Gustavian group and inspiring winter trek.Its the type of thing I would love to do here in the UK...

Ray Rousell said...

Howdie Bill!

Sir William the Aged said...


And a good day to both of you as well! I know that we have "met" and chatted in the past on other forums, but it is always pleasant to see you both again.

Ray, you humble us all with your sheer volume of painted output on your LoA 15's. Be honest now, you do have munchkins in your attic painting away, don't you?

Alan, being the hardcore ex-reenactor (Is there such a thing? A bit like an ex-Marine isn't it?) of our little band, Ralphus does seem to find the most wonderful little bits like that one. He still obviously has great ties to that community both in the UK and on the Continent.

Again, good to see both of you fine Gentlemen this morning. If you ever get to Tejas, stop in for a bit, we'll serve you some good Tex-Mex or Barbecue and some liquid refreshment.


legatus hedlius said...

Hmm. I use a pseudonym because, like you, I worry about internet searches as I have an international profile in my area of work which relates to government and some of my less politically correct comments and pictures (I do not confine myself to wargaming and military history on my blogs)could cause problems.

The other problem is that I do not like my actual first name and no one I care about uses it. My close family call me "Bill", my children call me "daddy", my wife calls me "Angel", my old school friends call me "Harry". None of these are my actual first name! I associate my first name with work so prefer not to use it.

I shall, therefore, continue to remain anonymous or you can call me "Bill", which is a very sound name!

Sir William the Aged said...

My Dear Legatus;

I completely understand, but even if you don't sign-in, why not simply sign your post as "Legatus"? You are known to us, and known to be a friend of the Blog. We would greet you accordingly ("Hail Legatus!"?), and bid you welcome among friends.

It's really just a tiny courtesy, a nod to more gentle times and more personal contact than the internet and that great span of water allow us. But, your choice is your own, and you are respected for it.

Bill (the Real Bill)

Anonymous said...

Hi Bill

If a site allows me to sign as "Anonymous" I will sign as "Anonymous" whenever I want because that's the very purpose of such a feature: that you can remain anonymous if you choose to do so. I don't understand why you prefer a phony "Bill" or whatever to a sincere "Anonymous". In my opinion, what counts is what people have to say and that they do it in a polite way. This is why I will continue to sign my very rare posts neither by my real name nor by a fake name - until you ban me, just for doing what is absolutely decent and completely harmless. If you don't agree change the conditions for access.

Yours sincerely, Anonymous

(The one who left the "Mr. de Marleborough, ensign in the Gardes Fran├žaises, by Van der Meulen" post. The one with whom you apparently were so much upset that you felt urged to post your "Blog Etiquette and Protocols" -tirade. Call me "Louis" if you want.)

Have a nice day.

Benjamin of Wight said...

Hear Him, Publish and be damned!

Benjamin William Champley Waterhouse

Ralphus said...

I dont mind anonymous comments - anything that makes communication easier the better - I have comments that it is hard to post a comment so anything to make feedback happens is good with me.

Sir William the Aged said...

Dear Anonymous (or Louis);

I'm sorry that you felt my post was a "tirade", it was not meant to be. I have actually posted similar preferences before. I very much appreciated your comment, took no offense, and simply wished to have a name to call you by.

Credit part of this to my upbringing. I was a professional Army Brat and was raised largely in the Southwestern US. I was taught by my Father from a very early age to always approach a person with my hand outstretched for a shake, greet that person with my name, use their name if possible, establish eye contact and hold it during conversation, what my Father considered rules of common courtesy and discourse.

I will admit that this doesn't always work in today's face-to-face world either. many folks today seem uncomfortable by this level of direct engagement. I have even had employers and employees comment that it was "too aggressive and possibly threatening" or that I was "trying to establish dominance". Perhaps my time on dear old terra firma has passed, so to speak.

Please understand, I sincerely meant no offense. I have to be honest and say that I don't completely understand the whole "anonymous" thing, but would never fail to publish a comment or "ban" someone for employing what you fairly point out is now accepted behavior and supported by the host site. Please return at any time, comment as you wish, and feel free to use whatever identity (or none) that suits you. Thank you though for explaining your position and, I hope, allowing me to explain mine.

Sincerely, Bill

Anonymous said...

Ok Bill, thanks for the explanation.

Let's leave it at that.


Anonymous ;-)

Ray Rousell said...

Lots of munchkins, although they're in the shed not in the loft!

Fire at Will said...

Hi Bill, from another variant "Will" I'm sure you know who I am as I always try to link with my Blogger address.

Salutes, with a pint of cider!


Sir William the Aged said...

Always good to hear from you Will! By the way, thanks for the auction tip awhile back, but I wasn't able to get the piece. The price went through the roof, literally. I think I can make one that I'll be almost as happy with for a lot less.

For those readers who have any interest in exactly what you can do with 1:72nd figures, across a wide range of periods, a visit to "Fire At Will" is almost mandatory.

Take care amigo, and enjoy your upcoming holiday (wherever it ends up being). I'll pass on the cider, but lift a glass of Amaretto in your honor.