Friday, 28 September 2012

Littlecote House Great Hall

Who remembers this place when it housed this collection of armour? There used to be a lot of places that housed back and breasts, Lobster pots and so forth on the walls. Not so much now though. There is a book published by Royal Armouries on the Littlecote collection if you are interested. Explore the collection at the Royal Armouries site


johnpreece said...


I can remember spending a Sunday afternoon there, back in the day.

Wonderful collection and a tour round the house including the chapel and guard room plus obligatory ghost. Nice gardens too.

Something to do with Wills Tobacco IIRC.


legatus hedlius said...

The Armourers' Hall in the City of London, the home of one of the livery companies has a fine collection of seventeen,th century armour on display.