Monday, 24 September 2012

THE ENGLISH CIVIL WAR 1642-1651, an illustrated Miltary History

By P Haythornthwaite. Illustrated by Jeffrey Burn. Time was back in the early 80s (published originally in 1983) this was the bible for searching about the ECW - I remember the first Wargames Foundry ECW figs followed this work a little too closely copying the errors. Still worth a look nowadays. Brings back a lot of memories for me - how about you? Read it online here



legatus hedlius said...

Yes this was the book I used when I painted my first ECW figures!

HarryJJ said...

Out of interest what were the errors?

Ralphus said...

The errors - they misinterpret the montero and have some sort of leather cap reinforced with an Iron liner - not really represented the Monmouth cap very well either

HarryJJ said...

Ah ok.

What of the authenticity on the rest of the illustrations?

I'm a bit of period fashion freak when it comes to the 17th century but my main interest is the mid to late 1620s and my knowledge of authentic clothing get's hazy after the first few years of the 1630s.

I understand outdated looks persisted well into the 1640s and some even made a return such as the short tab doublets (which then went on to become the norm in the 1650s) but the author refers to voluminous breeches as pluderhosen which raises alarm bells in my head.

Still I hope they are authentic as I'm quite found of Jeffrey Burn's illustrations in this book, especially when he illustrates the 'outdated looks'.