Saturday, 8 November 2014

new Seven Years' war book

SUMMERFIELD (Stephen) PRUSSIAN FUSILIERS OF THE WAR OF SUCCESSION AND THE SEVEN YEARS WAR: UNIFORMS, ORGANISATION AND EQUIPMENT. 224pp., colour illustrations throughout. 2014. As this catalogue goes to press we are just completing the editing of this book ahead of time. Following Stephen’s acclaimed study of Prussian Musketeer uniforms (now out of print awaiting a revised edition) he turns his attention to the stunning uniforms used by the Fusilier regiments, the regiments being classified by the system devised by Hans Bleckwenn. This is the most detailed study to date, meticulously researched to provide a full service history for each regiment plus the most detailed study of their uniform, the fusilier caps, officer’s uniforms & lace, musicians uniforms & flags. Essential, terrific. £37.50

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