Thursday, 19 November 2015

Prince August 40mm Seven Years War moulds

These look interesting. No cavalry as yet - anyone try them?


clibinarium said...

I bought some of these years ago on a trip to Dublin, where they were for sale in Easons (the Irish equivalent of WH Smiths), which in itself was a shock to see them in such a mainstream venue. It was a simple drop casting set, not too hard to use, but not easy to get good results from, plus my mother wasn't too happy about me ladling molten metal in her utility room. How I didn't burn the house down or disfigure myself I am not sure.
I then had the bright idea of using all the plastic sprues from my 20mm plastics to replace the metal; it was cheap and abundant so why not? I found out why plastic and metal casting were different animals; plastic of course just catches fire. Thank god it was snowing the day I did it so I was able to throw it out the back door to put it out. Retail figures for me from then on.
Of course as an adult I'd make a better go of it if I tried, and there's the added attraction of engaging in a bit of craftmanship, but its not for me.

Ross Mac said...

I've been using the PA moulds for over 15 years now, mostly as part of a group project but also solo. The new moulds are a step up from the old ones and the swappable heads are especially handy. These says Over become an OS shiny fan but then also respond well to traditional shading and highlighting.

Here's a link to relevant blog posts. There are links from there to Steve's Lace Wars in Tin blog. He has been advising PA so lots of good info as well as pictures of other SYW gaming and painting styles .
gameofmonth.blogspot.CA NQSYW

SteveM said...

Have a look at my recent blogs - PA are working on French!