Thursday, 5 November 2015

RTV SLINGELAND - De Slag om Grolle (1627) 2015 - The battle for Grolle

For centuries Groenlo was an important trading center; many trading routes from Germany and even the Far East ran through Groenlo to continue further into the Netherlands. During the revolt of the Netherlands against the Spanish King, which lasted 80 years, Groenlo remained an important base that alternately was owned by the Dutch (“Staatse”) or Spanish.

In 1627, Frederik Hendrik was assigned by the States General to recapture the city of Groenlo (“die Starcke Stadt Grol”) from the Spaniards (“den Spanjaerd”).

The siege of Grolle took 30 days but in the end Groenlo was recaptured and would never be occupied by the Spaniards again.

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