Sunday, 22 May 2016

Mattias Manske handmade Toy Soldiers 40mm

40mm - prussian rgt. Werner,No. 6, attacking successfully at Reichenbach 1762
This is an impressive project I only just heard about. Website here
It says
 Bound to the tradition of the former strong-hold of tin figures, Nuremberg, our manufactory produces completely handmade toy soldiers made from pewter in the size of 40mm eye-level (plus headgear) for the SYW (Seven Years War) and AWI (American War of Independence). Not only two types have exactly the same posture!

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Scheck said...

Yes, I have a lot of this figures of Matthias Manske, they are all in duty in our armies... (like the picture of the hussars, which is from our summer battle). I like the figures quite much. Thank you for posting!