Sunday, 8 May 2016

The Seven Years War in Europe: 1756-1763 Franz A.J. Szabo

 This book has got the thumbs up from people on my Seven Years War Living History FB page. It's a fresh non-Frederician take on the war.

In this pioneering new work, based on a thorough re-reading of primary sources and new research in the Austrian State Archives, Franz Szabo presents a fascinating reassessment of the continental war.
Professor Szabo challenges the well-established myth that the Seven Years War was won through the military skill and tenacity of the King of Prussia, often styled Frederick “the Great”. Instead he argues that Prussia did not win, but merely survived the Seven Years War and did so despite and not because of the actions and decisions of its king.
With balanced attention to all the major participants and to all conflict zones on the European continent, the book describes the strategies and tactics of the military leaders on all sides, analyzes the major battles of the war and illuminates the diplomatic, political and financial aspects of the conflict. 

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The Wishful Wargamer said...

Yes, I read this a few years ago. Very readable and not in thrawl to Frederick the 'Great' so perhaps a bit more balanced than some of those books that start with the premis that Frederick was a genius and go from there. Cheers WW