Saturday, 1 July 2017

Memorial Portrait of Moses ter Borch, Gerard ter Borch (II), 1667 - 1669

Killed at Landguard Fort 350 years ago tomorrow these images show the appearance of a young Dutch officer

oil on canvas, h 76.2cm × w 56.5cm. More details
The two painters produced this portrait to commemorate their youngest brother, Moses, who was born in 1645. Moses died in 1667 during the storming of Fort Landguard near Felixstowe in England. He had served in the Dutch navy against the English since 1664. In the painting Moses is surrounded by symbols that allude to his military life: time (the pocket watch), death (the skull), eternity (the ivy on the rocks) and loyalty (the dogs). 

Gesina ter Borch, Portret van Moses ter Borch (ca. 1670, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)

Borch, Gesina ter (1631-1690)



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