Thursday, 26 October 2017

Grolle 2017 photos by Jordi Bru

Jordi Bru photography
By all accounts this siege in the Netherlands was a very successful event. Great news and there was a sizeable contingent from various UK 17thc societies. There's a lot of really good photos. These are by the talented lensman Jordi Bru. I will try to get permissions but if you go on Facebook you'll find plenty. Be nice to think this might be the end to wigwam bam style of pike fighting in the UK. ECW reenactment in the UK needs exposure like this to other ways of doing things - they tend to be a little ossified and this sort of event gives participants a taste of a different flavour. People came from all over Europe and further (one guy came from Florida) and all mixed in and fought safely and convincingly.

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