Sunday, 12 November 2017

SYW 1/72 Austrians from Hat industrie

Coming soon apparently. Here. 
Good news!


Martin said...

I'm really looking forward to getting a lot of these figures when they become available! For all their detail, if they are anything like HaT's already available SYW Prussian Infantry, they will reward an even basic painting effort. It looks like they will be in the MAC (Marching, Action, and Command) format, so it will be easy to customize the look that you desire. At $11.00 a box, they're easy on the ol' warchest too!

Anonymous said...

They look superb and a good match for the excellent Prussian infantry, bon't hold your breath as there was a nearly ten (10) year wait for the Prussians to appear. Excellent figures though they are (I bought a dozen boxes myself), one cannot rely on this company to produce the goods as advertised in anything like a timely manner. In fact, the masters for the Prussian artillery predate these and the figures have still yet to be seen while the Revell figures have gone out of production and been reissued again in the intervening time! The same comments apply to their AWI range; at this rate we will never see cavalry from them, much less Hungarians and Grenzers, so don't throw out your Airfix conversions just yet.