Saturday, 18 November 2017

What If 1688?

James II
Arquebusier Magazine Vol 35, 4
Noticed there's an article in this issue's Arquebusier - journal of the Pike and Shot society on the subject of which I have often mused on that is what would have happened if the army of James II had met William of Orange's forces in battle? Detailed analysis of both sides plus a scenario. Sounds good.
William lands at Torbay 5th November
Just found an online article on refighting 1688 in 10mm
There was a skirmish in Wincanton in 1688 - we reenacted it in 1988. There also was a skirmish at Reading.

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Duc de Gobin said...

It's very interesting to speculate what our friends John Churchill and Percy Kirke might have done, before and during the battle in a scenario like this...