Sunday, 29 July 2018

Fenny Bridges 1549

Today is the anniversary of this battle in Devon. I admit to being taken with this era. Landsknechts and arquebusiers in the Devon countryside?
The best site to learn about this is here.
If you are interested in doing this as a Living History project then go to the Commotion Times Facebook group.  Have ordered this book - I'll let you know when I have read it.


Big Andy said...

It is pretty good but the best single book on the revolt is Julian Cornwall- Revolt of the presantry 1549. It give contract strengths for the Landsknects and rieter companies and decnt details of Sampford Courtenay and Feny Bridges as well as the Norfolk rising

legatus hedlius said...

I thought it said Fanny Bridges and she must be a fifties burlesque star.. Need to get new glasses.