Tuesday, 24 July 2018

St. Ruth's Fatal Gamble: The Battle of Aughrim 1691 and the Fall of Jacobite Ireland (Century of the Soldier) Hardcover

By Michael McNally and artwork by Sean O'Brogain.
This is a brilliant book. A quality hardback. I do have the original from 2009 but this one is much more augmented with new maps, appendices, and of particular interest some uniform plates and 3 pages of colour flag artwork. There are revised OOBs and more material on the siege of Limerick. Lots more depth.
  Aughrim isn't as famous as the Boyne but it's far more decisive and much more interesting. No one-sided affair either - casualties are about the same on each side.  The author's battlefield photographs are excellent too so if you ever get there you can orientate yourself. Basically if you have an interest in the Williamite war this book will be very useful to you. Sean is probably the number one military artist for Ireland  and his knowledge makes the artwork stand out as being indispensible. Wargamers will love this. 

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rebel said...

Thanks Ralph, appreciate the positive comments - We are planning lots more titles on the period but naturally they need to be commissioned and then written (and it's not my day job....LOL). If all goes well the next will be a treatment of the Irish Establishment 1660-92 and then the Williamite Forces in Ireland 1688-92.....Mike