Thursday, 3 July 2008

Beneath the Lily Banners

This set of rules which I don't know (yet) seem to be getting good reviews - this wargaming blog spells out the system - basing etc - I wonder what they're like for the 1660s and 70s as I should imagine they are mainly aimed at the 28mm Grand Alliance market but I might have to invest to find out. Incidentally Parkfield Miniatures do a tidy Glorious Revolution rang in 25mm if you are bored with your Dixon and Foundry figures... I'm gonna go for 15mms though - less money less space...
Available from here -
The bumph reads..
Beneath the Lily Banners is rapidly becoming the 'standard' set of rules for wargaming the battles of the period 1660-1721. This includes the wars of Louis XIV, William III, James II, Marlborough & Eugene, Charles XII and Peter the Great. The rules provide the optimum amount of explanation and examples whilst remaining true to their purpose of offering fast, fun and decisive games. Suitable for company to army size actions.
They are lavishly illustrated throughout with nearly 60 photographs, original artwork and illustrations by Clarence Harrison who is also responsible for the refreshing layout. Full colour with laminated high quality, double sided play sheet.
Described recently as 'what a rule set should look like!'
Author Barry Hilton have gamed and researched extensively in the period for over 17 years
. £15

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