Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Irregular miniatures 6mm range

Although too small for me - I prefer to be able to see some costume details myself - but if you wanted to wargame the early wars of Louis XIV or Scanian Wars in 6mm scale then Irregular miniatures Restoration/League of Augsburg figs might be the place to start. Not an extensive range by any means, lacking dragoons or grenadiers but a reasonable enough place to start with the basic pike and shot looking pretty good as you can see from these photos of figs by Ed Mueller. Full marks for including a rebel rabble. Too small to distinguish things like bandoliers or weapon differences they still might be good for recreating sieges as Irregular and Baccus do quite a few accessories to enable this to happen. Incidentally Baccus do an early 18th century/Great Northern War range that might help for 1690s types.

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