Monday, 21 July 2008

Vintage 20mm Marlburian/Louis XIV figures

Thanks to the Flanderkin blog
I discovered the Les Higgins 20mm Marlburian range is now available again, get them from here. Only 35p a foot figure which seems a bargain. These are really well sculpted figures that I remember well buying them from Paynes in Warminster in the early 70s (am I that old?) and were some of the first metal figures I painted. They come on nice round bases and can happily stand alone but the main thing was the elegance and period charm was top notch. Les Higgins died in 1972 so you can get an idea of how vintage these figures are but I give them a high recommendation - well worth getting some samples so you can see what I mean. These figures used to be used in a few of the early wargames books and look lovely believe me.

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