Friday, 21 August 2009

Battle of Dunkeld 1689

Today in 1689 was the day of the Battle of Dunkeld - fought between clansmen and Williamite forces around the streets of this Scottish town - sorry, city.
Image Uniform and equipment worn by Sentinel John Thompson at Dunkeld from the Cameronians website
The website gives the background to the Cameronians:
The Regiment took its name from Richard Cameron, 'The Lion of The Covenant'. Originally a field preacher he was killed, a bounty on his head, at the battle of Airds Moss in 1680. Cleland had led the Covenanters in battle at Drumclog and Bothwell Brig. His sword, one of the treasures of the Regiment, can still be seen today in the Regimental Museum in Hamilton. There too is the 'Bloody Banner' carried by the Covenanters at both battles.
Within weeks of their formation The Cameronians saw action as regular soldiers at the
Battle of Dunkeld*. There they showed their mettle with a staunch defence against a hugely superior number of rebel Highland troops, though it cost the life of the 28 year old Cleland. This fighting spirit was carried on in campaigns all over the world for the next 300 years.

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